Should Dancers Use Orthotic?

Hi Lisa!

Do you think that orthotics are helpful for ballet students who pronate their feet? Is it more effective long- term, to train their feet, posture, gait etc into the correct position? Some students I have who use orthotics in normal footwear then find it difficult to work correctly in class without them (eg standing or balancing with their arches lifted and weight properly distributed etc ). Do orthotics discourage or help the development and strengthening of the small foot muscles, leg muscles, correct posture and weight distribution etc … that so much of your program is aimed at?

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Kaye! I have chosen your adorable question to answer this week!
Parents are so concerned about their child’s physical features and foot is one of the most prominent feature, but if there is any disarray in this feature parents approach orthotics to settle the problem. On the other hand dance teachers are not aiding the idea of using Orthotics.
So should we seek assistance from orthotics or should we give chance to our foot to iron out the problem itself?
The answer is that both approaches are required for perfect consequences!
There are number of reasons for complications in your foot. In young dancers the two major problems are the growth problems or they are demanding more than enough from their foot. But what is required is to tackle the problem by diagnosing the intensity of problem, if problem is severe then a backing device is an admirable suggestion. Let the device facilitate you to make your foot grip better.
Orthotics cannot implement its results alone. You require a thorough training program to get your desirable results in your feet, hips and core.
Pronation issue can be sort out by a replete training program. Controlling the turn out from hip also resist knee problems affectively.
Orthotics can be referred as Training Wheels of bicycle!
In starting orthotics supports your foot to work with your body in proper alignment and after a time interval the foot acquires the habit of proper alignment and foot starts to curb the effect of Orthotics.
In the end I just want to highlight that using static orthotics mississauga is not an admirable approach orthotics should be dynamic moving with foot as well as supporting it.
I hope your queries are cleared!

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